The Review


We just had to mention and give special Cheers to our friends from Rockomotiva and their dedicated writer Zli Hadžo for including our song Peta (eng. Fifth) to their Play of the Week chart.
Read the review in our free English translation below.

“Here’s another band I’m presenting for the first time, the quartet is called Jembrela, Stanko and Bruno on guitars, Milivoj on bass, and Zoran on drums, and if you’re wondering who is on the vocals – it’s zero, zero points. Jembrela is an instrumental band that has just released its debut album with ten songs, of which “Fifth” (Croatian. Peta) is not fifth in a row but third, but the fifth in this week’s selection (pure coincidence, I did not deliberately aim it). If you think this is a post-rock band with marathon songs, you’d be wrong: this is a classic indie rock with songs duration of three, three and a half minutes, with bursting guitars, a solid rhythm section, and third countries export melody, only without vocals. Peta is a great song for which J. Mascis would chop off his right nut if only Dinosaur Jr could record it in the wake of their biggest popularity, and it’s so catchy that you could find it on the ESC Life album.”


Open your Jembrela


The day finally came! It’s been a long time for everyone, but today our first baby album Jembrela is officially unleashed on the world!
This mint box of joy is now available at a promotional price of 5$, and all you have to do is drop your info to our contact form or reach us at FB page.

We’ll be celebrating the release live through whole October and November so stay tuned for the gig dates.

Sensus sense


We are proud to announce we have launched the band’s brand new visual identity.

It is our great pleasure to present our friends from Sensus Design Factory as a dedicated design studio of the band.

Thank you for this BIG bundle of joy! The professional and creative energy you guys provide is inspiring. You complete our music giving it an essential visual dimension!

Welcome on board!



We are not mocking you!!!

Jembrela_mockupAs the time goes by we get more excited knowing our album is getting materialised.
It’s our GREAT pleasure to present Design Mockup of Jembrelas first album.

Our friends at Sensus Design Factory just nailed it! The whole team is thrilled. Can’t w8 to have it in our hands.

The release is going to be a limited edition in 300 copies only so you should think about preordering your copy 😀

BIG thanks, BIG thrills,

Jembrela team